Alion Baltic Orchestra Program

Alion Baltic International Orchestra. In session - July 18 to August 7, 2018.

"Orchestra Program at Alion Baltic - a unique project, bringing together talents from around the globe."

Program cost - 450 Euro PER WEEK
Programs available: 1 week, 10 days, 2 weeks and 3 weeks.

Maestro Robert Butts - Music Director "Baroque International Orchestra" (USA)
Maestro Sergei Stadler - Conductor "Sankt-Peterburg Symphony Orchestra" (Russia)

Program includes:
- Orchestra practice in the Alion Baltic International Orchestra
- 1 lesson per week with Professor of own choice
- 1 Master Class per week
- Chamber Music - 2 sessions per week

A large symphony orchestra composed of Alion Baltic artist-faculty members and students in side-by-side performance.
It is led by world-renowned conductors and joined for most concerts by eminent Guest Artists:
violinists Ivry Gitlis and Sergej Stadler, Metropolitan Opera Soprano, Olga Makarina and others.
Repertoire consists of standard and contemporary works for symphony orchestra.
To celebrate a 100th Year Anniversary of Estonian Republic, Alion Baltic Orchestra will perform Estonian Music on July 24, 2018.


In addition to weekly private lessons, students in this program play in the Alion Baltic International Orchestra. The orchestra is a colalboration of all-students and artist-faculty players.
Orchestra members include Principals from Estonian National Orchestra and other orchestras.

Orchestra will perform 2 concerts of symphonic repertoire at two celebrated music venues: Estonia Concert Hall and Jaani Cathedral. The rehearsal and performance schedule is rigorous, and performances are at a professional standard.

The ensemble provides its members with an important opportunity to continue to develop their orchestral playing skills while rehearsing and performing major orchestral works. The orchestra includes positions of principal in Strings, Winds and Brass instruments.

Prepare to apply to major orchestras

Orchestral students who are preparing for a professional orchestral audition will have the opportunity to participate in an orchestral excerpt master class led by Sergei Stadler (Conductor of Sankt-Peterburg Symphony).

Alion Baltic Conducting Academy Orchestra

The Alion Baltic Conducting Academy is the masterpiece of Alion Baltic’s conductor-training program.

The orchestra is guided by Music Directors, Maestro Robert Butts (July 18-27) and by Maestro Sergei Stadler (July 30-August 7).

Student conductors will receive sessions of 30 minutes on the podium.

Student-conductors are allowed to observe each others' sessions.

When off the podium, student-conductors will have a chance to perform in the orchestra.

The orchestra is led by artist-faculty concertmasters.

Orchestra activities

  • Rehearsals - 3 times per week
  • 2 Orchestral concerts: July 27 - Jaani Church (Tallinn) and August 7 (Estonia Concert Hall) See photo on the right
  • Concerto performances with Winners of International Competitions
  • Aria with orchestra/Opera class, accompanying voice majors
  • Repertoire readings - including works by student composers

Perform as a soloist with AB Orchestras

Selected instrumentalists, vocalists, and pianists will be chosen to perform as soloists with any of the festival's orchestras.

Orchestras in Residence 216-2017

The North-Western Symphony Orchestra of Russia.

An artistic project that has brought together the best players – principals and soloists – of symphony orchestras of the russian North-West. There cooperate the musicians engaged in the Saint-Petersburg Philharmonic, St.-Petersburg State Conservatoire, Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky theatres, Pskov Philharmonic, Karelian State symphony, Novgorod chamber and other orchestras.

The Russian North-West symphony orchestra promotes the art of professional musical performance in Russia and abroad, brings symphonic masterpieces live to the audiences, developes international ties in the area of orchestral music.

In Auguist 2014 the Russian North-West symphony orchestra performed the movie music program “Symphonic Cinema” at one of the best european venues – “The Lattgallian Embassy – Gors” concert hall in Rzekne (Latvia), and at the Big Philharmonic hall of Novgorod. Having been sold out, the concerts were a considerable success with the public and media.

In winter 2015 the orchestra made a tour to Finland performing in Kulttuuritalo in Helsinki, Mikaeli hall in Mikkeli, Sibelius hall in Jarvenpaa, in Savonlinna, Promenadikeskus hall in Pori, in Juvaskyla etc.

In June 2015 The Russian North-West symphony orchestra for the first time performed at The International E. Mravinsky musical festival in Narva (Estonia).

In 2015, following multiple requests of the audience, the orchestra was reinvited to the “Gors” concert hall in Latvia to perform P. Tchaikovsky 175 years jubilee program.

The Saint-Petersburg Philharmonic principal violin – Lev Klychkov cooperates with The Russian North-West symphony orchestra the concertmeister and soloist.

Orquestra Nova des Guitarras (Portugal). Conductor - Miguel Madaleno.

If you are asking "Who is the ONG? - New Orchestra of Guitars", you are in the right place!

We are an orchestra with young spirit and youthful age, born in March 2006, founded by conductor and teacher Miguel Madaleno, a group of 10 guitarists. Today we have 52 musicians, aged between 11 and 35 years!

The orchestra has already issued more than five music albums, which presented music composers of different countries around the world.

Vene Kultuurikeskus Hall - the home of The Alion Baltic International Orchestra

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