About Alion Baltic International Music Festival
July 10 - August 7, 2018

Student Opportunities, Programs, History, and more.

    • The Alion Baltic International Music Festival and summer Academy is one of the top rapidly developing classical music festivals in Northern Europe, noted for its diverse concert programming and its musical education of young-adult music students. Annualy, the ABIMF presents a
      1 month-long summer season, which includes more than 25 classical music events—including concerts by 2 orchestras in-residence, The Alion Baltic International Orchestra, solo and chamber music performances, an opera production, master classes, educative career seminars, and children’s programs — and draws in over 5,000 audience members, including tourists from around the globe.

    • Season 2018 will feature over 20 solo, chamber music, and orchestral concerts, presented in 3 Estonian cities: Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, in Riga (Latvia), in Helsinki (Finland), and in Sankt-Peterburg, Russia.

      The summer of 2018 will also include highlights of vast orchestral repertoire, including the music by Beethoven, Debussy, Mendelssohn, Prokofiev, Bizet, Bellini, Berdi, Rossini, and Tchaikovsky.
      Performed by the Alion Baltic International Orchestra as well as by festival's Orchestra-in-Residence 2018, the massive works of symphonic literature will be presented to the enthralled capacity audiences.
      Conducting master classes will be presented by Sergei Stadler (Director of the Sankt-Peterburg Symphony Orchestra) and by Boris Vayner (Member of Sankt-Peterburg Quartet).

      In addition to our artist-faculty and Music Director Gerardo Estrada Martínez, guest artists invited to the 2018 season include violinists Ivry Gitlis, Sergei Stadler, Alissa Margulis, Albert Markov, Stanislav Pronin; pianists Daniel Pollack, Oxana Yablonskaya, Dmitri Bashkirov, Bruno Canino, Antonio di Cristofano, Leonel Morales, and Artistic Director of the Alion Baltic Festival, Michael Bulychev-Okser; violist Marco Misciagna, cellists Alexander Buzlov and Levi-Danel Mägila, flutists Patrick Dillery, Rita D'Arcangello, The Sytianko Brothers, Naxos clarinetist Nathan Williams, trumpeter Rozmurat Arnakuliyev, saxophonist Raffy Ramiro; Metropolitan Opera Soprano Olga Makarina, La Scala soloist Denia Mazzola Gavazzeni, The Bolshoj Theater soloist Vladimir Kudashev, and president of "Talents of the World", David Gvinianidze; conductors Gerardo Estrada Martínez, Sergei Stadler, Miguel Madaleno, among many others.

      Ensembles-in- residence 2018 include The Sankt-Peterburg String Quartet and guitar ensemble "Orchestra Nova de Guitarras", with Märt-Matis Lill and American Robotics-composition Professor, Steven Kemper as composers-in-residence 2018.

      The hallmark of the Alion Baltic Festival 2018 is a collaboration with many established festivals and other organizations. These include collaborations with: annual concert of exclusively Estonian music, presented in collaboration with Estonian Composers Union; Alion Baltic International Music Competition at Mektory (Estonian Union of Inventors), presenting six-string acoustic viola, a unique innovation of Estonian inventors, led by Gabriel Paasov; collaboration with Tallinn Sea Days Festival, presenting 5 concerts of classical, jazz, and contemporary music on topics such as Lennart Meri or Arvo Pärt; and collaboration with Medieval Days festival and the Kadriorg Museum.

      The Season 2018 will culminate with the Symphonic Gala Concert, featuring intyernationally acclaimed stars: Ivry Gitlis, Leonid Kerbel, Michael Bulychev-Okser, Leonel Morales, and Alion Baltic International Orchestra, the time, when all students can share stage with legendary musicians.

    • For the IV consecutive season, The Alion Baltic International Music Festival opens its concert doors to meet the ecstatic audience. Founded by Michael Bulychev-Okser in New York in 2014 with a help and support from Mr. Sten Schwede, Consul General of Estonia in The United States, the festival proved to be a unique musical event, organized on a large-scale international level. Nine days of the festival 2014 presented 21 concerts in Tallinn, Narva, Rakvere, Johvi and other cities around Estonia. The performers were world-recognized pianists and vocalists from Estonia, The United States, Bolivia, Russia, Germany, Japan, Spain, France, China, Greece, Serbia, Taiwan, and Uzbekistan. The Estonian community met it with an overwhelming enthusiasm.

      Continuing its traditions, The Alion Baltic International Music Festival 2015 opened in Tallinn with a triumphal recital by the legendary American pianist, festival's Artist in Residence, Daniel Pollack. Festival 2015 concerts took place in Tallinn, Parnu, Sillamae, Narva, Tartu, and in Riga, Latvia. Lessons and master classes took place at the Tallin's Academy of Music and Theatre.

      In cooperation with the Narva Symphony Orchestra, Alion Baltic festival presented an evening of Mozart, featuring Guest Artists from The United States, Finland, Ukraine, and South Korea.
      Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Estonian Composers Union, one of the festival's concert featured music exclusively by Estonian Composers: Jarvo Part, Lepo Sumera, Mart-Matis Lill, among others.

      Bringing more joy to the hearts of music lovers, Alion Baltic 2016 expanded its geography, producing concerts, excursions, and lectures in 4 countries: Estonia, Latvia, Finland, and Russia.
      Three orchestral Galas of Alion Baltic Season 2016 presented The Sankt-Peterburg Symphony (led by Sergej Stadler) in a devotional program in Memory of Eri Klas, Music from the Movies by the North-Western Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia, and the Final Gala concert by Alion Baltic Chamber, featuring music by G. Faure and D. Shostakovich.

      Israel Ensemble Multi-Piano Presented presented works for 8 eights and 2 pianos.
      Led by AB Honorary Guest Artist 2016, Valentina Goncharova, The Alion Baltic String Ensemble presented Schumann's Quintet.

      Daily student concerts presented music by the Alion Baltic 2016 student composers: Kevin Kay and Gregory Houston.

      Star faculty and guest artists 2016 included pianists Daniel Pollack, Oxana Yablonskaya, Pasquale Iannone, Leonel Morales, Lily Dorfman, and Michael Bulychev-Okser; violinists Sergei Stadler, Leonid Kerbel, Sumiko Tajihi, and Anna Laukhina, Metropolitan Opera Soprano, Olga Makarina, flutist Patrick Dillery, and Percussionist Rein Roos.

      Season 2017 highlights included master classes by Sergei Stadler, Sankt-Peterburg String Quartet, Duet Davide Alogna/Bruno Canino and a Bellini Opera Gala, featuring Molodechno Symphony Orchestra and soloists from Major Opera Houses around the World.

    • Alion Baltic International Music Festival and Academy offers musicians a choice of ten programs of study:

      • - Orchestra - in session July 11 - August 10
      • - Chamber Music - in session July 17 - August 10
      • - Solo Piano - in session July 11 - August 10
      • - The Alion Baltic Opera Center - in session July 17 - August 10
      • - The Alion Baltic Conducting Academy - in session July 17 - August 10
      • - Composition Studies - in session July 11 - August 10
      • - String Instruments study - in session July 17 - August 10
      • - Center for Woodwinds & Euphonium - in session July 17 - August 10
      • - Percussion - in session July 11 - August 10
      • - Classical Guitar - in session July 17 - August 10
    • AB-Venues

      Centered around Tallinn, Alion Baltic International Music Academy takes place at Georg Otsa Nimi Tallinn Music School, a 5-story historical music building, featuring several performance spaces and equipped with Steinway, Bosendorfer, and Yamaha pianos.

      Alion Baltic Festival Concerts take place in the most prestigious Halls in Tallinn and around Estonia: Estonia Kontserdisaal (1,000 Seat Concert Masterpiece),Jaani Church (1,000 seats), Vene Kultuurikeskus (850 Seats), Vene Teater (650 seats), Kadriorg Palace, Tallinn Town Hall, Mustpeade Maja (Tallinn Philharmony) etc.

    • Numerous concert trips take students and guest artists around Baltics: to Narva Castle, Parnu Kontserdisaal, Tartu Cathedral, Sillamae Culture Center, Kohla-Jarve Center for Performance and Arts, Riga's Liele Guild (1,000 seats) (Latvia) and Rigas Navas Society Building, Temppeliaukio Church (750 in the heart of Helsinki, Finland) and Philharmony of Sankt-Peterburg, Russia.

    • The Alion Baltic International Music Competition takes place during the Alion Baltic Festival. It presents brightest musical young musical talents in an environment of a friendly contest.
      The Mission of the Competition is to promote Estonian music around the world, and to discover and present musical talents.

      For more information on the competition, please visit: Alion Baltic Competition Page

      • - Performance opportunities in the most prestigious venues in 4 countries (Estonia, Latvia, Finland, and Russia) - 8 cities around Baltics
      • - Our Trademark Opportunity: a possibility to perform with internationally acclaimed musicians: Professors and Guest Artists of the Festival
      • - Solo, Chamber Music, and Orchestral master classes, presented by the World's most notable musicians
      • - An opportunity to be part of Alion Baltic International and Molodechno Symphony Orchestras
      • - Chamber ensemble taught by the members of Sankt-Peterburg String Quartet
      • - New! An opportunity to perform as featured soloist with the festival orchestras.
      • - Perform beautiful music, surrounded by beauty & serenity of the Baltics resorts.
    • Alion Baltic International Orchestra is comprised from musicians of Estonian leading orchestras, principals of Russian philharmonic orchestras, such as Sankt-Peterburg or Novgorod Symphony orchestras, and students of Alion Baltic Academy, winners of international music competitions. The orchestra rehearses during the duration of the Alion Baltic festival, presenting several programs of concerto and symphonic repertoire. The season culminates in the final Gala Opera concert at Tallin's most prestigious hall: Eestikontserdisaal.

    • Students at the Alion Baltic International Music Festival will have ample practice time each day at the festival.
      Alion Baltic facilities are equipped with more than 40 pianos.
      3 experienced accompanists will be at the disposal of Opera studios, and, if needed, will be present at the lessons and master classes, featuring Strings, Woodwinds, and Euphonium.

    • The mission of the Alion Baltic International Music Festival is to discover the talents of instrumentalists and vocalists in the Baltic Region and particularily in Estonia, and to help them find performing opportunities.
      The festival is dedicated to presentation and popularization of the Baltic Music Culture around the World. Among other nations around the Baltic Sea, Estonia is rich in its superb musical traditions. The Alion Baltic International Music Festival presents the some of the most eloquent works of Estonian musical tradition (such as Pohjamaa Lapsed by A. Haava) and to illuminate music by Estonian Composers of an International recognition: Jarvo Part and Lepo Sumera among others.

    • Whether one travels for leisure or for business, the Baltics offer unique opportunities for every personality, palate and pocketbook. Boasting five-star luxury and chic boutique hotels to hunting lodges and restored manor homes to rustic campgrounds, even mid-winter sleigh rides, the Baltics provide delightful surprises at every turn.

      Where else can visitors enjoy majestic forest and mountain settings, eco-excursions, fashionable shopping, and sophisticated dining, while also discovering authentic folk traditions?

      Today the Baltic region of northern Europe has become a popular mecca for Continental tourists and a favorite destination for musicians around the world.

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