George Borisov
(United States)

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Dr. George Borisov received his professional training in Piano Performance and Chamber Ensembles from S.Rachmaninov State Conservatory in Rostov City (B.M, M.M.), M.Glinka State Conservatory in Novosibirsk (D.M.A.), and completed his Ph.D. in Musicology in the All-Russia Institute of Musicology in Moscow (Russia). He is Professor Honoris Causa of the Krasnodar State University of Arts (Russia), where he taught piano solo and chamber ensemble courses.

He has contributed many articles on regional music history of Russia and the USA into professional music magazines of both countries and published in co-authorship a few books on the same subject.

For more than eight years he was a producer and host for various TV music-historical show (Russia).

His performance experience includes piano solo and collaborative recitals in the Soviet Union, Austria, France, Norway, and the United States.

Dr. Borisov has been a jury member of International and National piano competitions, including the Rome International Piano Competition (Italy), the Chopin International Piano Competition (CT, USA), the Rosario Marciano International Piano Competition (Austria), the Western Australian Pianists Competition (Australia), and the NJMTA, NJMEA, NGPT, and SMEA piano competitions and festivals (USA). Occasionally he has been conducting master classes in the US and abroad.

He is a founder of the Golden Key Music Festival, and the affiliated Debut Piano Competition, Piano Composition Competition, and Alberti Piano Competition (USA, Russia, Indonesia).

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