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Philip Arlia is a pianist, teacher and concert pianist Italian. And 'considered by international critics one of the most brilliant and versatile musicians of his generation. He graduated in piano at the Conservatory "F. Torrefranca" of Vibo Valentia at 17 with honors, the praise and honorable mention under the guidance of Antonella Barbarossa, thus acquiring the methods and techniques of piano school the famous teacher Lethea Cifarelli, favorite student of Edwin Fischer. Completes its liberal arts education, graduating in law from the University "Magna Graecia" of Catanzaro.

He has given hundreds of concerts in Italy, Romania, Lithuania, Turkey, Russia, Tunisia and New Zealand performing at the most prestigious musical institutions like the Paisiello Theatre of Lecce, Teatro Politeama Catanzaro, the Theatre of Adana, the 'University of Bacau The Theatre Tendastrisce of Rome, the "St. Katherine Concert Hall" in Vilnius, the 'University and the Performing Arts Centre in Auckland, the Hall "Scarlatti" in Naples, the Fondazione Teatro "G. Borgatti" Cento, the Hall "Rachmaninov" Tambov, the Philharmonic Vladivostok, the Higher Institute of Music and the University of Sousse, the Theatre Acropolium of Carthage, the New Theatre "G. Menotti" of Spoleto. He played for important and prestigious concert seasons as the "Festival of Dawn" of Crotone, the "Circuit of the Myth", the "Festival of Orchestras" of Rome, the International Festival "Enescu - Orfeul Moldav" of Bacau, the International Festival Vilnius, the "Travel Festival" of Piacenza, the International Festival of Castelfidardo, the Festival "Up to Penice" of Pavia, the Val Tidone Festival Piacenza etc ...

E 'author of textbooks and monographs used for studies of the Conservatory including "14 small compositions for piano" (Ed. Artemis, Scafati 2007), "JS Bach - Elements of performance practice" (Ed. Artemis, Scafati 2010) and "Elements of popular music" (Ed. Symphony, Carisch 2011). And 'frequently invited committees of several international competitions such as the International Piano Competition "Silvio Bengalli" Val Tidone (PC) and the International Piano Competition "F. Chopin" of Rome.

He has given master classes for many institutions including Valsesia Music of Varallo Sesia (VC), the Municipal School of Music in Nepi (VT), Italian Piano Academy of Giardini Naxos (ME), Accademia Musicale Mediterranea of ​​Taranto, Rachmaninov Tambov State Institute of Music, Higher Institute of Music in Sousse, Val Tidone Festival of Piacenza, Far Eastern State Academy of Arts in Vladivostok etc ...

He has collaborated as soloist and conductor with prestigious Italian and foreign orchestras, including the Orchestra De Tineret of Cluj, the Orchestra Sinfolario of Lombardy, the Çukurova State Symphony Orchestra of Adana, the Philharmonic Orchestra "M. Jora" of Bacau, the Pacific Symphony Orchestra in Vladivostok, the City of Ferrara Orchestra and Chorus of the Teatro Municipal of Piacenza, the New Scarlatti Orchestra of Naples. Since 2012 he is artistic director and principal conductor of the 'Philharmonic Orchestra of Calabria and has collaborated with world famous soloists as Ramin Bahrami, Giacomo Prestia, Sergej Krylov and Michel Camilo. It is also the artistic director of the International Piano Competitions of Spoleto.

Since 2008 is the pianist of 2ttango, one of the most important Italian chamber groups involved in the interpretation and dissemination of Argentine tango.

And 'Director of the Institute of Musical Studies "PI Tchaikovsky" Nocera Terinese (CZ), where he is a professor holds a chair of piano. It is also a professor of piano courses of 'International Piano Academy "EPTA - Italy" (Rome / London).

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