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Anna Laukhina is well known russian violinist, prize winner of several international violin competitions, professor of St-Petersburg State Conservatory.

Anna Laukhina graduated from St-Petersburg State Conservatory (Class of Professor Vladimir Ovcharek) and completed the Advanced Violin Studies course at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London with famous violinist and pedagogue Yfrah Neaman. From 1996 to 1998 lived in Amsterdam and finished the Post Graduated course with Professor Victor Liberman.

Anna actively participates in the musical life of Russia. She regularly performs in the Big Hall of St-Petersburg Philharmonic. She worked with world known conductors: A.Kaz, A.Dmitriev, S.Sondezkis, V.Chernushenko, A. Paris, A.Veronesi, R.Shmidt, D.Pachitti. She also plays a lot of chamber concerts with well known pianist, Professor Inga Dzektser and with “St-Petersburg Philharmonic” Piano Trio.

As the soloist Anna Laukhina made several concert tours in Europe: in Spain, Germany, Finland, Norway, Estonia and Holland. Also she was invited many times to Korea and China.

Anna is the first performer of several contemporary pieces for violin such as Violin Concerto by Theo Loevendie, Violin Concerto by G. Korchmar, Violin Concerto by F.Glonti, Sonata for violin and piano by V. Uspenski and some others. Anna is one of the best interpreters of Violin Concertos by A.Petrov, B.Kluzner, Y.Falik, and V.Basner.

Since 1998 Anna Laukhina teaches at St-Petersburg Conservatory. Many of her students are prize winners of international violin competitions. She regularly gives master classes in Europe, China and Korea.

As a jury member Anna Laukhina works in several russian and international violin competitions.

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