Leonel Morales

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Leonel teaches in:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Professor at the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts at the University “Alfonso X el Sabio” (Madrid).
Professor in the Sommerakademie Mozarteum of Salzburg
Professor for 13 years in the Conservatorio Superior of Castellón.

Academic Member of the “Academia de Bellas Artes de Santa Isabel de Hungría”, in Seville (Spain). He worked as “teacher in residence” in the University of Music in San Juan – Puerto Rico, advising the department of piano.

Born in Cuba, is a Spanish citizen and lives in Spain since 1991.

He graduated from the University of Havana under the tutelage of Frank Fernandez, a student of Victor Merzhanov, which itself was a disciple of Feinberg, so he follows the traditional Russian school.

First Prize in the Guerrero Foundation International Piano Competition (Madrid). Second Prize at Jaén International Piano Competition and Prizes to: “Best Interpretation Contemporary Music” and the “Best Interpretation of Spanish Music, Rosa Sabater Prize”.

First Prize in the International Piano Competition “Ciudad de Manresa” (Spain).

Second Prize at International Piano Competition “Cidade Do Porto” in Porto, Portugal. Grand Prize to the Best Concert Soloist of Korea, First Prize in the International Piano Competition “Teresa Carreño” in Venezuela. Prize whit Distinzione in the Concorso Pianistico Internazionale Aosta – Italy, Prize Sommerakademie Mozarteum of Salzburgo…

He’s considered as one of the best interpreters of Beethoven… Leonel knows him very deeply and it shows when it comes to the transmission of feelings. There can be different tastes, but I personally think that is the best performer of this author I’ve ever heard. (EL País, Jesús Orera)

One of the pianists worldwide that has turned interpreting during two consecutive nights the integral of the concerts for piano and orchestra of Rachmaninov including the Rhapsody on a Paganini’s Theme.

Prize “Cabaion D’Oro 2013” (Verona) and Prize “Tasto D´Argento 2008” (Alexandria) in Italy because of his consolidate international career.

In 2001, he turned with the National Orchestra of Spain for the USA under the direction of the Maestro Frühbeck de Burgos organized by Columbia Artists obtaining a great success in the Angels, New Jersey, Dallas, Houston, Washington (Kennedy Concert Hall)… extraordinary interpretation and great power. (WASHINGTON POST). His second tour of 23 concerts on the best halls of USA in 2006, he obtained a spectacular success playing the Concert number 1 by Tchaikovsky and the Concert number 3 by Rachmaninov with the Symphonic Orchestra of the state of Mexico under the conduction of Enrique Bátiz.

He and his wife are the founders of International Piano Competition “Spanish Composers” held annually in Las Rozas de Madrid, International Piano Competition “Maria Herrero” has its annual meeting in July in Granada, International Piano Festival Masterclss “Leonel Morales” and International Piano Course for Children-Teenagers, which is also developed in July in Granada.

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