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Alexander Vasilyevich Pashkov was born in 1949. His first contact with music he had at four-year age thanks to his mother Agnessa Aronovna Brailovskaya (1914-1979), the amateur musician of high level who used to work as the pianist imroviser at movie theater at the time of silent cinema. Further she has learnt an occupation of the proofreader and worked many years in printing editions, correcting materials and later on received the highest sixth category of that profession.

His father, Vasily Alekseevich Pashkov (1908-1982), the native of a country family, went as a volunteer to a construction of TURKSIB where once, as the bricklayer, he achieved a fourteen-fold normative (!), his photo and material about him were published in the all-Union newspaper "Pravda". Then, having mastered a profession of the car driver he worked about half a century on the wheels including all Great Patriotic War time, at the front.After war in off-duty time Vasily Alekseevich at the amateur level played a bayan, an accordion and a seven-stringed guitar.

From infancy A.V. Pashkov was living in the atmosphere of love to music, listening with big desire of a gramophone recording of Shalyapin, Sobinov, Nezhdanova, Sofronitsky, Gilels, Oborin, Oystrkh Sr. and other outstanding performers, band, choral and opera music. Especially strongly A.V. Pashkov in the early childhood was affected by the Russian national songs performed by F.I. Shalyapin.

Remarkable teachers Evgenia Eduardovna Bedik (S. Feinberg's pupil), Valentina Aleksandrovna Guterman (prof. K.N. Igumnov´s student) and Vladimir Grigoryevich Apresov (M. V. Yudina's pupil) – all of them are graduates of the Moscow conservatory which had a great influence on Alexandr Pashkov’s musical development. In 1970 he passed a conscription military service on the Pacific fleet. He was admitted to concert structure of Ensemble of a song and dancing of the Pacific ocean fleet . He participated in the All-Union review competition of naval Ensembles in Moscow in May-June, 1970 as the soloist, executing the first movement of "Appassionata" of L. Beethoven (The central television had broadcast a concert in the Big hall of the Central House of the Soviet Army).

A.V. Pashkov is a graduate of the Leningrad State conservatory ,class of professor Vladimir Vladimirovich Nielsen, one of outstanding pianists and teachers of the XX century. The degree thesis of A.V. Pashkov "The pedagogical analysis of the Toccata Domenico Scarlatti's re-minor" was recognized as the best on the second All-Russian review of methodical work of teachers of cultural institutions and arts. The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation issued the Diploma of the first degree of "The winner of review". Alexander Vasilyevich Pashkov is the member of the Union of concert figures of Russia. He systematically acts with solo concerts, and also in common with the son Alexander Aleksandrovich Pashkov, executing classical repertoire and music of modern composers. The last joint concerts of Pashkov A. V. with the son took place on March 15, 2003 in the Small Hall of the St. Petersburg state Philharmonic hall, in June, 2006 in Belgrad and Shabats (Serbia).

A. V. Pashkov combined concert work with the pedagogical activity. For many years he works in educational system of the children. Pashkov brought up many talented pupils who chose music as the profession, teaching in conservatories, musical colleges and schools. The most successful result of his pedagogical activity was Vadim Malyuchenko, – a graduate of the Leningrad State conservatory (composer’s department ,class of prof. S. Slonimsky), the member of the Union of composers of the Russian Federation and Alexander Pashkov, A. V. Pashkov's son – graduated from piano faculty of the St. Petersburg State conservatory,( class of prof. V. Nielsen) – the internationally acclaimed concert pianist, the composer, the member of the Union of concert figures of the Russian Federation – both teach in conservatories.

A.V. Pashkov systematically presents with free concerts, conversations and lectures about classical music in orphanages, boarding schools for children with restrictions of health reasons.He made a report at the Second international scientific and practical conference: "Innovations in rehabilitation. Rehabilitation and improvement of various categories of the population in modern conditions in Russia and abroad" , called "Improving interest of the classical music on children" which was taking place in November 19-20, 2013 in St. Petersburg.That report has received an expert positive references set out regarding expediency and efficiency of this method.

A.V. Pashkov was invited in the All-Russian children's center "Orlenok" on the Black Sea coast where he offered a joint concert-lecture with Olga Bortyash (soprano), the winner of the international competitions.

The article A.V. Pashkov "Act of classical music on children" was published in the scientific and practical magazine for doctors of "Pyatiminutka" No. 4 (28) 2014 and in the All-Russian popular scientific magazine "Everything that You Wanted to Ask the Pediatrician" No. 4-5 (36)-2013.

A.V. Pashkov takes part in the international scientific and practical conferences, holds master classes regarding the subject "Act of classical music on children" which he considers fundamental.

On January 31, 2015 he gave a free concert in Showroom of the Centralized library system of Moskovsky district , monthly concerts with other programs are planned. Systemically realizes the "Act of Classical Music on Children" project, and also “Eurhythmy as the therapeutic movement" on the basis of the 370th (correctional) school of Moskovsky district, as well he participates in the pedagogical project of the teacher, candidate of Ph.D Melicheva Marina Vladimirovna.

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