Shudong Luo Braamse
(China/United States of America)


Coloratura Soprano

An international performer, colloratura soprano Shudong Braamse, has appeared on stages in Italy, Austria, Estonia, Spain, Singapore, and China. She has sung as Lucy in The Telephone, Sally in Thomas and Sally, and Josephine in H.M.S. Pinafore. As a recitalist, she has premiered a number of works by Asian and American composers including Gary Nash’s cycle Peace, Love and Prosperity, which was premiered in Nashville in 2010. She also premiered a Spanish art song Romance de la Luna in 2014 in Tallinn, Estonia, composed by Michael Bulychev-Okser. In addition to her academic credentials. Shudong was certified by the Salzburg Voice Festival in 2012. Critic Carol Cohan of Orlando’s The Villages Daily Sun praised her “powerful upper register” and described her technique as “fluid and true,” flowing from “top to bottom effortlessly.” Her CD album Voix Suprême was released by the Parma Recordings on January 8, 2016.

She received a review from Music and Vision by critic Gerald Fenech:
“Shudong Braamse has the perfect voice for this repertoire, and her performances are excellent throughout — faultless, even. How lovely that the world of late nineteenth century French opera can still turn up discoveries of such fragile beauty. Captivating stuff in excellent sound ambience that one feels compelled to return to with anticipated regularity”.

Shudong has been invited every year since 2013 to judge the George Gershwin International Music Competition in NYC. She is a guest artist and faculty member, performing and teaching, at the Alion Baltic International Music Festival in Tallinn, Estonia during summers. This year the festival is expanding to Helsinki, Finland and Saint Petersburg, Russia. She is planning to give recitals in Taiwan and China this summer before her trip to Estonia and Russia.

Shudong has a passion for sharing the traditions of Western vocal music with her native China, and sharing developments in Chinese concert music with audiences and students in America. She has given numerous master classes and recitals at Chinese universities including Wuhan Conservatory, Guangxi Fine Arts Institute, Capital Normal University in Beijing, and Jiaotong University in Shanghai. She has translated Complete Preparation: A Guide to Auditioning for Opera by Joan Dornemann and Basics of Vocal Pedagogy by Dr. Clifton Ware into Chinese. The books have been published by People’s Music Publishing House in Beijing. Her CD album, Silvery Night introduces American listeners to the songs of Yao Qi, a composer from Singapore.

Shudong has studied with Zhang Wei, Claritha Buggs Jacobs, Meredith Zara, and Patricia Green. After finishing her undergraduate study in China, she went to Michigan State University and received her Master and Doctor of Music Arts degree. Currently she is a professor of voice at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. She is also a member of the College Music Society and the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS).

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