Tallink Express Hotel

Great News! Due to the high popularity of The 2014 Alion International Music Festival,we are happy to offer festival participants the additional hotels to stay during the Alion Baltic Festival:

Academic Hotel

Center Hotel

Alion Baltic International Music Festival is proud to partner with a bautiful Tallink Express Hotel. Being located in the heart of Tallinn and just 10 minutes away from the marvelous Old Town, Tallink express Hotel is in close proximity to the Music School, where the lessons with Professors, Masterclasses, Ensemble classes, and other lessons as well as daily practising for students will take place. Tallink Express Hotel provides comfortable accommodation for the festival's faculty, guest artists, students, and listeners.

Tallink Express Hotel offers a daily large continental European breakfast for the students and guests of the festival. Students and festival guests may enjoy the gorgeous views of Tallinn from the hotel rooms, or relax in the charming Aqua Spa, which is located next to the hotel. Please see the Accomodation page for the students rooms and a cozy Tallink Express Cafe.

For more information, please visit Tallink Express Hotel official Website

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